Why Not Practicing As An Architect Was The Best Decision I Ever Made!

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I always wanted to be an Architect. Ever since I was a kid, the only thing I ever wanted to do was build a house.

Every time I tell this to anyone the first question they ask is “Then why graphic design?” Here’s my story:

Like every kid lego blocks used to be my favourite game. It still is. So when it was time for me to make a decision about my career I made the obvious call. My family wanted me to be an engineer/doctor but I chose Architect.

After giving few entrance exams, I got enrolled in a decent college. Did fairly well initially and after studying for 5 long years I graduated with Bachelor of Architecture.

The next obvious step was to look for jobs and get employed. But I wasn’t willing to do so. I took some time off and explored different options in order to figure out what I wanted to do in life.

Back then the only thing I had in my head was that I wanted to do something different, create experiences for people and do what genuinely made me happy. I started sketching, doodling, making graphics, logos, illustrations and I took this “creative” field very seriously. Making doodles gave me so much peace.

A series of Low Poly Animal Illustrations (Geometric Animal Project) / Initial Work

Sometime after more than a year, two of my friends told me about this job opening for the position of graphic designer and both of them insisted that I should apply. I followed their advice, checked the job requirement and company’s website. The company was into graphic, web and space design. BOOM! This was something different, I applied without thinking twice about it. Although I had these thoughts running through my mind:

“Who’ll really hire an architect for the role of graphic designer? But they are into space designing as well so may be I had some chance…”

I obviously didn’t get any response to my application and that did disappoint me a bit. I didn’t give up and left a direct message on the company’s Facebook page. (I know, who does that?) But guess what, I did get a reply and I was asked to come down for an interview. That was the turning point I guess. I got selected, they hired me after a week of trial period.

Everything was different, I wasn’t aware of what I was getting into. I used to constantly keep judging my decision. Luckily my boss and my colleagues were very supportive and guided me whenever I needed some help.

Mrigaya, Parth (friends who had asked me to apply), Rohan, Nirali and Kaushal (Colleagues). Coincidentally we were all under the same roof before I had even applied at Roar Studios. Vishal I believe you too were here.

It’s been an amazing ride so far. I’ve been working as a graphic designer since then. I find Architecture and Graphic Designing to be very similar after all it’s primarily about designing and my thought process and approach towards design hasn’t changed. I did have my own doubts back then and I still have them at times.

“Will I be good at this? Is this something I really want to do? Should I just go back and start practicing as an architect? Why am I even doing this?”

Frankly, I don’t have answers to any of these questions, which is absolutely okay. Yes, I’m scared a lot of times, that I might have taken the wrong road and there is no way back now, it’s just too late. But the thing is, I’ve come to understand the following:

1. Yes I’m doing this right now and I might do something different eventually.

2. Had I been practicing as an architect I wouldn’t have ever gotten out of my comfort zone and wouldn’t have ever taken this path. I’ve no regrets about it!

3. I’m only able to write the above two points because I’ve been following my heart and doing what makes me happy.

4. Lastly, the only thing that matters to me is how I grow as a designer on a daily basis. At the end of the day it’s the journey that will count, the path that I’ll travel on and the things I’ll learn throughout!

I’m currently working at Axelerant. We are a remote team company with people in more than 5 different time zones. It’s an amazing place to be and I’m totally loving what I’m doing here!

Image Credit: Nathan Roach

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👩‍🎓 Architect by training | 👩🏻‍🎨 Visual Designer | Marketing Manager @Axelerant | 🎧 Music Enthusiast | 🐶 Dog Lover